I don't normally keep any sort of journal. Any navel gazing is sporadic and then usually plunked down here. However, I was in Vancouver, BC for two weeks on business so I thought it would be a good exercise. What follows are my daily scribblings for those two weeks, written alongside notes on software architecture, metadata, SQL statements, configuration management, meetings. A glimpse of me by me.

Six a.m. out the door > MCO > international check-in > sleep until Denver. Denver Airport: extremely white and covered in snow. Called C_ and the boys. She said it is a pretty neat airport but notorious for losing luggage. The boys all wanted to hear about the snow. I took pictures of snowplows and the expanse of white. Got a teriyaki wrap (dry). One hour delay due to equipment (power). Experienced my first de-icing, which should have been called Ballet of the Converted Cherry-Pickers. Took off with the snow coming down heavier. Any longer and we probably would have stayed overnight. Once airborne, despite my best efforts to drink in the beautiful desolation of the snowbound Rockies, I fell asleep again.

Vancouver, BC: long march through the airport. My first experience with Customs was thankfully uneventful. Bags arrived safely. Whew! Beautiful day -- sunny with still some snow on the ground. Snow!!

A Sikh taxi driver got me to the office where security gave me the keys to my apartment. They also provided me with awful directions. I wound up walking about four blocks until I stumbled upon it on my own -- across the street and less than a half a block from where I started.

A great apartment! Plenty of room and a decent kitchen. Talked to the boys for a bit and C_ and then went for groceries (not much luck). Talked a long time with Mom. Touching bases with those dear and far away. Watched Matrix Reloaded -- I like it, anyway. Finally fell asleep around 10PST.

A long interesting day.

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