Cold morning. Sporadic sleep. Woke up several times during the night, but slept well in between. Did some yoga -- five SSI and three SSII. Dry feet didn't help a lot and kept slipping on both the tile and the carpet. A good thing C_ packed that huge bottle of lotion.

Was the first one to my training class -- a whole week working with our product suite. It will probably be pretty high-level but I think we'll have some time to experiment with the software. I'll try to hold my own. I found out where the coffee was and where to get rid of it so I was set. Mostly sales guys in my class with a couple of graphic designers as well. A DBA too. Nice enough.

For lunch I walked around. Went to the Vancouver Public Library and am just amazed. Have a couple of slices at the Flying Wedge. Found a place to buy beer -- Jimmy's at the corner of Robson and Homer (?).

Went shopping at Nestor's Market. Got breakfast for the week and enough supplies for a few lunches and dinners. I have a nice per diem, but I'm a cheap date. My plan is to have breakfast every morning in the apartment, and alternate eating out for dinner or lunch. Made penne with pesto tonight. It will probably last for a while. Went to bed around 9p after writing for an hour.

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