Another lousy sleep. Woke up and dragged my way through 5 X SSI and 5 X SSII and after that felt much better. Did a little writing. Outlined a backstory.

Class went well. Longer than I thought it would, but was finally able to read/answer my email afterwards. 2pm by the time we were done so I'll catch up with the team on Monday. I'll get in early and at least meet T_. Mailed V_'s birthday card -- hopefully he'll get it by his birthday. I hope all the boys are doing well and that D_ and F_ are being fed.

I thought more about the hand-holding/arm-in-arm Vancouverites. Perhaps it is just during the winter for body heat. I'll see if I can come up in the summer to see if this theory holds.

Finally having a coffee (americano) and a pastry (apple-cinnamon scone) at a Blenz, which is almost as prevalent as Starbucks. Reading for a while. watching and listening to the world go by. Friends laughing and chatting. Lovers whispering and smiling. Wishing I was one of them.

(...later...) I wrote for about 2 hours in the library (2nd floor, at one of the desks by the Chinese literature) and then walked around. J_ called and I spoke with her and Mom. I guess I sounded well because they said I did. They said they hadn't heard me that happy in a long time. Apparently I enjoy it here, but it could also be from the buzz of the productive writing session I did. Went back to the apt. and made myself a huge bowl (plus a smaller one) of penne and pesto (leftovers), some butter bread, water and beer and then read myself to sleep after watching a whole lot of nothing on TV except for something on Ch. 100 -- Canadian Geographic show about "weather bombs". Good stuff.

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