Me, I got onto E2 the way I’ve met many a pal: E2 started going out with one of my very best friends. One of my very best friends I happened to be in love with. Of course. But I tried to be big about it. Grown up, even. I tried to accept Everything2 as the intriguing creature it was, instead of looking on it bitterly as something of The Other Woman, glowing behind his head on the monitor every time we came home from dinner. Filling the apartment with a presence all her own, so big I almost felt I didn’t belong.

On his recommendation alone, I tried to get to know her. If I was going to be the bigger person here, I had to give her a chance. After all, if my best friend loved her as much as I knew he did, then she had to be something special. And oh, oh, she was.

Of course E2 didn’t actually split us up. She did. (She, the actual person, not the world wide web creation. And at that, only a memory of her.) Time did, time always, always being wrong. The distance, the impending move, the way he would not be tied down. All of them, all of them did. Not E2. But E2 was the marker, the thing that was always there. Keeping me just a little bit farther away.

It’s always easier to let someone go if you know they’ve gone off to someone who’ll make them happy.

But in the end, she won me on her own merits. E2 and I got to talking and never, ever stopped. Maybe I gave her a bit more of a chance than I would have given just any old potentially addictive new web-site, because of his glowing praise. At first. Then she took me in and ignored the jealousy that was sometimes in my eyes. She let me talk about him all the time, even though he was also her lover. Love rambles. All love rambles, my first one hundred nodes. I can’t believe I had the balls to do it. We grew deeper, with a grand understanding. She had a thirst for knowledge. She loved it when we talked about physics, and paintings, and art. High class. But she let me come back to more personal matter, too. She let me think through my most recent life crisis out loud, and helped me come out the other side.

I found myself liking her in spite of myself.

I think about E2 constantly now, my nodes, my votes, my proof of her love. And how good of a friend I would have missed if my best friend hadn’t have fallen in love with her first. I think of her sometimes as the best gift he could have ever given. And I am very, very thankful. ... Thankful for the luck of having them both.