I was thinking about this as I was watching yet another ad for some food product all sugary and fatty that I probably don't need, with a flashy label on it.

The lore is that most of the people involved in graphic design and advertising use Macintosh computers, This may be because because of tradition, ease of use, ability to run Photoshop, and it's what everyone else in their business does (although that's changing at this point by all accounts.) However, if you look at most flashy product labels, crappy magazine ads, and even bad TV ads, you realize that the Apple isn't helping these creative types all that much. Sturgeon's Law still applies.

I think that these people would be no worse off if they were using Wintel machines or Linux boxes or what have you. It seems whatever intrinsic advantages the Mac has still do not rescue people from the shackles of mediocrity.

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