I'm so far down most of you will have run out of votes, so har har.

Today on the bus home from work I sat two seats behind a girl. There were four of us on the top deck of this bus, so I felt okay about sliding my Creative Jukebox volume up a notch or two. So a couple of people hear I'm listening to Cathy Dennis after The Sundays, big deal.

As I stared vacantly ahead I could see this girl looking left and right, initially out of the window and then focusing on the glass. I twigged she was catching her own reflection, and started to get curious. From the back she had messy shortish black hair a-la Charlotte Hatherly which had a blonde and red patch at the bottom.

She was pretty young, looked about 15 or something, but dressed more like an older girl. A really nice indie chick type of long jacket with 'frilly' shit on the collar and cuffs. She's put on quite a lot of mascara. Not like a HUGE amount, but just enough so that you'd notice, or at least think to yourself 'she's wearing mascara'.

Anyway, that's it. I like natural music videos, they're going to be my 'thing' if I ever make music videos, cos all you have to do is film the view of a train or something. Dammit, the Chemical Brothers beat me to it. Although their's isn't really that natural, it's computer generated so that the bushes and other trains flash past with the tune. Amazing. Onnnnnn WEEEEEDD! (sorry, too much Half Baked viewing for me!).

And this was a very nice natural music video.

Thus concludes my first and hopefully last Daylog. Note to self: no E2 posting while out of it.