Cathy Dennis was born on March 25, 1969 in Norwich, England.

She is a musician who has been admired as both as a performer and songwriter. (20 something and upwards) pop fans will most fondly remember her as the flame haired pop star big in 1991 with the hits 'Touch Me (All Night Long)' and 'Just Another Dream'. She epitomised 1991's pop scene, taking house music and packaging it as chart-friendly tunage.

She had previously sung the vocals on D-Mob's pop-house hit 'C'mon And Get My Love'.

Cathy was one of the lucky British pop stars to have mutual success both at home and in the US.

In a market saturated with production line pretty-face teens, Cathy was both a pretty-face but wrote her own material.

In the mid-90's, after a few years out of the charts, she returned with a more grown-up sound. A routine cover of The Kinks' 'Waterloo Sunset' summed the whole thing up. Despite making a (very welcome!) shitload of PR appearances on UK television, the new album 'Am I The Kinda Girl' was not a rip-roaring success and it appeared that Cathy's career had gone to the great Top 40 in the sky. At least to the casual observer...

The story ends on a high note: Cathy has been behind some of the biggest hits in the British music charts lately, writing for S Club 7 ('Reach', 'Never Had A Dream Come True') and Kylie (the huge #1 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head').

S Club 7 creator Simon Fuller was the man who spotted Cathy in the 80s while she was performing in a cover band btw.

What the voice of the people Lo-Fi forgot to mention, of course, are the allegations made in several tabloid newspapers in the summer of 2001, that Cathy not only wrote S Club 7's biggest hits, but also sang the girls' parts.

On both her and Simon Fuller's part, the allegations have been denied vehemently. Perhaps we will never know the truth. That said, with Pro Tools, who needs session singers? They can make Geri Haliwell sound vaguely human...there's hope for any of us.

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