Directed by Derek Lister, Juliet Bravo was a BBC television police drama that ran for five years from 1980.

The series began with the promotion to Inspector of Jean Darblay, who is given the job of running the local police station in Hartley, a fictional town in Lancashire, England. She must overcome the scepticism of the predominantly male staff, as the first female to take charge of the place, but as the series progresses she wins their respect. After two years she was replaced by Inspector Kate Longton, who starred for the rest of the show's run.

The title comes from the star's radio call sign, which in turn comes from the phonetic alphabet names for JB. I guess the creators thought it just sounded cool.

Over the five years that it ran, 88 50 minute episodes of Juliet Bravo were created by a number of writers. The show featured an early appearance by Men Behaving Badly's Neil Morrisey and was accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack from Derek Goom. Find it on your favourite TV themes MP3 site and let me know when you've made a dance remix.

The main things I recall about the show from watching it as a child are that it came from an era when police cars went 'dah dah' instead of 'woo woo', it was clearly set in northern England because it always rained and Kate Longton carried a handbag in a way only otherwise pulled off by Margaret Thatcher.

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