She's been visiting in dreams this week.

My sister. In one we are teens, with an enormous forest fire. I wake when I am confronting an adult, three adults, they have abandoned her to burn in a forest fire. I am yelling, "We have to go back, we have to get her!" and the adult is sullen. It isn't HIS fault. He doesn't take responsibility, nor do my parents, in the dream. She is lost at 14.

Lost, abandoned, dead.

Everyone in that dream is dead. Except me. A visitation.

In another dream she has borrowed my tent and left it. I am at a hotel, in a suite. She acts uncaring and refuses to deal with it, to do anything to get my tent back. I call the hotel where she left it. They say that they will send a helicopter to get me. They will fly me over to get my tent. I am pleased and surprised. Why would they send a helicopter? But I long to ride in the helicopter and I accept.

My sister comes in to the hotel suite with two men. There are sunlit windows all around. I tell her about the helicopter and invite her along. She doesn't really respond, she is flirting with the men.

Our room starts to turn. I am startled. They all ignore it. I look out the window. We are on the second story. Our suite and the rooms below are detached and being carried by a bulldozer. I open the window.

"What are you doing?" I ask the driver.

He looks up and stops the bulldozer. "You aren't supposed to be there!" he says.

"I've rented the suite!" I say.

"The bakery is downstairs. I take the bakery to the catered event."

"I don't want to go! I am going in a helicopter! Put us back!"

My sister and the men are paying attention now.

"You have to pay for gas if you ride." says the bulldozer operator.

The two men each give him a 20.

"I don't want my hotel room to move. I didn't agree to this." I am NOT going to pay for the ride, which is not the ride I want.

I wake up.

What are you telling me, sister? Dream girl...