Mysa Nal is the real name of White Witch, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The younger sister of Nura Nal, Dream Girl, Mysa grew up on Naltor, a world where all of the inhabitants have the ability to see the future. Mysa was born without this precognative ability, and so found life on her homeworld difficult. She went to Sorcerer's World where she found she had an affinity for magic. There she fell under the influence of the villian Mordru and was transformed by a spell into the Hag. It is in this form that she first encountered the Legion of Super-Heroes. She was eventually transformed back into her normal form, and after helping defend Sorcerer's World from Darkseid, was offered membership in the Legion.

White Witch has the ability to do many different things with her spells, including heal, teleport, transform matter, etc. She is limited by the spells that she has studied.

White Witch resigned after Brainiac 5 sacrificed the Infinity Man to gain revenge upon the Time Trapper for the death of Superboy.

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