A term used to describe OTT policies employed aimed at avoiding civil conflict both in the workplace and in the streets, that seem a bit silly when you think about it.

An example would be the insistence by coffee houses worldwide that their staff refer to black coffee as 'coffee without milk'

Another prime example would be the inclusion of the word 'challenged' to a number of conditions that may be deemed politically incorrect ie;
'Vertically challenged' rather than 'short'
'Optically challenged' rather than 'short-sighted'
'Glandularly challenged' rather than 'overweight' - the list is endless.

In the workplace the replacement of the words man or woman with the all encompassing 'person' is used. Seems a little impersonal to me.

What next I ask myself? perhaps we can start to refer to white cabagge as 'pigmentally challenged cabbage' or we can all enjoy a piece of 'strawberry vertically challenged cake' rather than a boring old shortcake.