Sometimes I think people who are so anti-political correctness are so caught up with being "anti" something that they no longer even understand the point, and are too busy being "anti" that they forget to respect other people.

I don't think anyone should HAVE to refer to a person or group in some "politically correct" way - in fact, I think political correctness was, is, and always will be a joke, and little more. But the idea behind some of it is to respect the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of other people. To refrain from using certain terms because it is offensive, and implies that you just don't give a shit about those people.

In fact, if you want to refer to the mentally handicapped as "fucking retards", then do so. Of course, if you later on have a child who happens to be that way, don't complain when your friends laugh at you. Perhaps you want to speak in racial slurs. Sure, go ahead, nobody will stop you. But should you find yourself in an area of town filled with members of those races, don't complain when they show you the same lack of respect.

You people who love to use the term XP Pack Rape and such because you don't want to bow to "political correctness" demonstrate only one thing - your complete ignorance of how horrible of a crime rape is. It trivializes it, and it sure as hell isn't something that should be trivialized. And I'm not suprised that it's only the guys who toss that term around like it has no meaning. See I am a rape survivor. to see how utterly clueless you really are.

Just remember that in your rush to show yourself as "strong" because you aren't going to follow some idea that's more a joke than anything else, you're probably going to hurt a lot of people, and demonstrate a lack of respect, and caring for how they feel. And those people are going to return that favor to you in full. Just don't whine when YOU'RE the one on the receiving end.


Choosing to use a certain word is an action. Using an offensive term due to ignorance is not a bad thing - using one when you know it is offensive is the verbal equivalent of kicking someone in the face.

It's all about the difference between accidentally offending people, and doing things to intentionally offend them. As you said, judge them by their intentions. True, you do not have the right to not be offended, but that doesn't mean you should try and offend.

And I don't see any comments made about your intelligence here...

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