I dream my friend S and I are in Europe, traveling atop something that is sometimes a huge carriage like something out of Harry Potter, sometimes like a train. It is night. It moves under its own power and most of the time I am not paying attention to it. S and I have become separated from the other people we were with - there were about 6 of us at various other parts of the dream, her boyfriend, other people, the only one with a speaking role was fuzzy and blue, who was helping us try to blend in. I assume we were blending in because we couldn't return to the US or were hiding from the US government, unsure of getting political asylum. Regardless, our goal was to disappear in Europe. We were somewhere along the border of France and Germany, and fuzzy and blue told us we should practice speaking Dutch, since passing for Netherlanders would be easier than anything else. When I'm awake, I know about one word in Dutch, kut, which means cunt. I vaguely know a few other words and phrases, mostly obscene, but kut is the only one I can produce reliably. Anyway, point is, when she told me to practice speaking Dutch, I called her a cancerous whore, and I remember saying it several times and thinking about the syllables and how they moved in my mouth. Now that I'm awake, I have no idea how to say cancerous whore and can't remember the sounds involved at all.