Happy St. Paddy's Day! =)

So it's been a day of cycles... five years ago, today, I lost my virginity; one year ago, today, I took someone else's virginity... no virginity-stealing this time, but nonetheless, a day of rememberence. Can I help it if I get horny when I drink?

Other than that, Measure for Measure has taken over my life. I had rehearsal from 10 am till 5 pm today, and I swear to god, all I can hear in the back of my head is a voice rhythmically reciting Shakespeare... " 'Escalus?' 'My lord...' 'Of government and properties to unfold, would seem in me to affect speech and discourse...' " As this is the first play I have ever been in, it is rather exciting, and yes, I will be upset when it ends... this is my only link to friendship at school, and once it's over, no more hanging out with these people on a regular basis. "Oh sure," you say, "Can't you just call them, or something?" No; I'm the world's most shy girl... I don't call people just for the sake of calling people. I can't. Maybe if between then and now, friendships are better established, this won't be a problem.

So Tim is in Boston. That's okay, I'll be fine... but I don't have anyone to complain to in the meantime! And I have crushes... safe, harmless crushes, maybe they will or won't amount to anything, but right now, it doesn't really matter. I'm content, for once, in my tiny little world here in Baltimore. Content, and possibly even... safe?