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Trying to cross the stream that didn't want to be crossed. We gathered handfuls of rocks and threw them in, trying to make a bridge or at least a shallower spot to walk. Dem Bones could carry more rocks than I could. He was a lot of help but he vanished. I tried heaping mud within the stream but the current was too fierce. This was frustrating, I could see the other side, it was really just a tiny stream.

My face looked like the Chinese woman's for a moment when I stole some of her powers. The storm swept in, purple and black. Lightning everywhere thick as rain, not touching me but terrifying. I tried to cross but as soon as I stepped into the water I was lost. Water earth air swirling together, nothing made sense any more. I shut my eyes and forced my body forward.

I fell onto dry sand. Was I Saige for an instant? All around me were airplanes. The Wright brothers' plane, every plane that ever crashed. They were all dead; they had been cooled out of respect for past service; this was their graveyard and where I wanted to live.

Later, Snoopy and rescdsk walked past the White House on their way to the park, each pushing his son in a stroller.

Strangeness. B came home in a hurry followed by a vague crowd of people. She was going to jail. What was I going to do without her? She pressed bus coupons into my hands, told me to sell them and send her the money. They were worth $500 each.
So this morning I wake up and tell her, I don't want you to go away. I don't want you to get hit by a bus. I don't want you to decide not to come back.

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