Having been not-around for quite some time, I don't know what people post in daylogs nowadays, but here is the most interesting thing I did today.

A friend of mine posted an entry in his livejournal about some program he wants to do that involves reading old German books or somesuch. He likes old languages. (I like current languages. This is how we became friends.) Anyway, I posted the following comment in response:

I was going to say something like "You're really dorky!", but
a) someone already did,
b) it would be hypocritical, and
c) I find that I have tired lately of people feeling the need to dredge up "dork," "nerd," or "geek" whenever anyone mentions their academic interests. I realize it's all in fun, because we're all in it together, but sometimes I feel like we're all embarrassed to be passionate about things, and need to qualify everything by assuring everyone that we take it all, at least partly, as a joke.

It's not embarrassing, or a joke. I think it is awesome. And you are awesome, for being so into such random dusty things as old languages and old books. I hope you get to go. :)

Ok, this comment ended up being serious-er than I meant it to.

I found it interesting because this idea popped out of my head fully-formed, which does not happen very often, and I thought it was a good one. (Though, probably not that original.) "Ok, I'm a dork," has become such a part of my ideolect, and it doesn't really mean anything, except please don't laugh at me for being passionate about the things I am passionate about. Is that a meaning I need? I think not. So, how many other unnecessary qualifiers can I get rid of?