The composition of my first node interrupted by my father's dire need to google porn, I turned my attentions from one bright and shiny idol (the Mac) to another (the television). After 30 minutes of channel surfing my wave crashes down on the shores of Showtime's original series Street Time.

In this episode Rob Morrow's character (Kevin I think, this is only my second time) makes a visit to his parents despite his anger that they never visited him during his 5 year prison stint for marijuana trafficking. He discovers that his little brother and former business partner has been taking his place as number one son. This inevitably leads to the Family Meltdown Dinner Scene. Meanwhile, his parole officer ( I don't know the actor. Note to self: Check IMDB for a man that looks like the lovechild of Mandy Patinkin and that guy from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) must deal with a new rich bitch parolee played by Swoosie Kurtz. If nothing else, this episode was worth my time to hear Ms. Kurtz, in a role obviously inspired by Martha Stewart, demanding "marble the color of my twat".

Well enough of that. Back to work!