In an attempt to hold the attention of the children in the congregation, our church was showing a videotape of an all-star animated version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Spongebob Squarepants and Bart Simpson were among the apostles. Jesus, of course, was played by Kyle Broflovski from South Park (because he's the Jew). Kenny played Judas, which resulted in Kyle shouting, "Oh my God, Kenny, you've killed me! You bastard!"

Cartman played Pontius Pilate. While he was interrogating Kyle/Jesus, Invader Zim burst onto the scene. He was wearing sandals and a robe and a fake beard and he started singing, "I am the Christ, I'm the great Jesus Christ." He had heard that Jesus was King of the Jews, and he thought that impersonating a king might be a good way to begin his conquest of the filthy stinking humans.