Everything is also a band. Abbreviated (e:) or e:, which is similar to the band's symbol. their record label, management company and website address are all called Ecolon.

Formed in the late eighties at James Madison Universityin Virginia, the name is derived from their eclectic mix of influences, ranging from Bob Marley to Led Zeppelinto Chuck Brown to Stravinsky (according to lead singer Craig Honeycutt,in 1992). One of the early-ninetites college acts that predated the jambands of today. During that timeframe, their contemporaries were the Dave Matthews Band, Hootie, and the Edwin McCain Band, all of which have enjoyed greater commercial success than that of (e:). (e:) is signed to Elektra, which released their latest CD, Supernatural. Supernatural contained the semi-hit "Hooch", which made it onto Billboard's Hot 200.

Everything is:

  • Craig Honeycutt: Vocals and Guitar
  • Dave Slankard: Bass
  • Steve Van Dam: Guitar, Sax, Clarinet, Vocals
  • Nate Brown: Drums and Vocals.
The band has also included Trumpet and Trombone players, as well as keyboardist Doug Wanamaker (from Indecision).

Recordings are:

Songs such as Soulfish and SLWB from Solid were college-rock staples of the east coast before the grunge craze hit in '93.