Crazy last couple of days...

Since Wednesday I have: bleached my hair to a nice auburn, found out I owe rent for the month of June, had my phone service shut off by Sprint, got a 3rd job, got my first paycheck of the summer, missed a good opportunity to ask out a really cute girl, and made plans to escape Maryland for the first time in 3 months.

I'm definitely pleased with the hair, even though I spent $10 on red hair dye which I can't use till another bleach job. It's not as bright as I'd hoped, but there's a first time for everything... And of course, I consulted e2 for hours (namely So, you want to change your hair color? Read this first! and similar)

Rent thing is uninteresting. Loss of cell phone service is just annoying... But with 4 bleary-eyed tries at punching in my credit card number, I finally got it. Back in business there. Landline is still up in the air. I need to get a regular phone (i.e. non-cordless) to test. My cordless is just plain not working. Why do I smell popcorn?

I will work ~2 hours this morning. Then my new roommate and I drive the 7+ hours from Baltimore to Boston. We'll see Leah, my dear friend and confidante. Then I'll have a rockin' good time with my brother and his buds and droogs. (Puns abound). Sunday, we'll come back in time for me to get a Greyhound to Penn State -- more debauchery with my best friends from home.

Ah, summer.

And I spilt half my roomie's espresso all over the fridge. :(