12:01 - 9:30 am) attempted to sleep. had much troubles doing so. had trouble getting to sleep from 11:00 on because some place at the corner was playing Indian music just loud enough so that it was an annoyance. like when you try and sleep with some low sound in the room which becomes more and more annoying. like Chinese water torture.

9:30 - 10:?? am) arose out of my psuedo-sleep. realized i had not got much sleep at all. became upset because i really really need to study for finals today. tried to fall back asleep in a desperate attempt to suddenly become well-rested (note: i have not been well-rested since sometime in early high school).

10:??am - 12:?? pm) out of bed wth me. attempted to watch GMA to see what the whole Ginger thing was about. got the station that it was on wrong. ate Frosted Flakes with soy milk and made orange-tangerine juice. attempted to finish the reading I hadn't finished for a computer science course. at some time had a shower and watched a portion of Maury Povich as well as a portion of The View. dressed.

12:?? pm) ate lunch

12:??pm - 1:?? pm) attempted to sleep some more and finished reading the comp sci

???) masturbated (can't quite remember when)

2:2?pm) checked bus schedule. did hair. wrote check for landlord. gave check to person who works for landlord.

2:41pm) ran to try and catch the 2:42 bus which was of course early (buses are always early when you want them late and late when you want them early). i actually hadn't expected to make that bus anyways. realized what a waste it had been to have ran, as i got to the stop cause my throats were all burning feeling cause it's cold out.

2:51pm) caught the 2:50 bus.

3:22pm) arrived at UBC. talked to someone I know waiting at the bus loop. went to the statistics TAs' office to buy old stats finals and ask about a question I got wrong on the midterm. it kind of make sense how the TA explained it. then I went to the stats lab and got some more graphs and emailed them to myself for my stats mini-project.

4:??pm) left UBC. arrived home.

4:50pm) told myself I'd start studying at 5. talked to people on net. watched a small portion of Days and for some sick reason Oprah.

5:00pm) rememberd that i was supposed to start studying. decided to put that off to the firm deadline (sarcasm) of 5:30. watched part of Urban Rush. talked to people on net.

5:4?pm-6:??pm) attempted to figure out that stats midterm question. got angry at it. makes no sense. phoned friend's cell phone. didn't answer. someone phoned here. i didnt' answer the phone. i was angry. yelled and did angry things. e-mailed prof asking about the question, including a reference to counting llamas. attempted to sleep. could not due to the previously mentioned low volume but really annoying Indian music. screamed and covered ears with pillow comically. was angry.

6:3? pm) went onto computer again. came here. wrote this.

7:02 pm) hit "idea". felt like guy in movie Pi. (you know, "balbla pm: hit enter").