By worldly-insignificant, I am primarily referring to the stress some students experience due to pressing assignments, tests and projects. Having worked in the industry for a good period of time, there are more important things like feeding yourself and others, keeping up with your well being, and fighting your own bodily diseases if you have any. Everything that has to do with school then seems worldly-insignificant. Although you do indeed gain knowledge from a university education or an education of any kind, stressing over school - I find is extremely counter-productive and detrimental to the human condition.

Some other examples of worldly-insignificant things:

- Everything superficial, from deciding whether the colour of your fine automobile should be "Forest Mist" or "Racing Green", to deciding what clothes make the perfect outfit.

- Accumulating worthless possessions even though there is a perception of value. Sometimes I think my CD collection, my bicycles and my car own me.

Seriously, how many of these things affect the entire world on the grand scale?

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