Today was an overall success. But at the same time, there really wasn’t anything special going on that needed succeeding at. Perhaps making it through the day was enough; after all, today was the last day of school before Christmas break. Most people skipped the last couple hours, including our “holiday assembly” in the gym. It was extremely tempting – I went to the Alpine Rose with Adam, where we ate breakfast for two hours and talked about all sorts of stuff. His boyfriend works there, so we were all hanging out. Right next to our table, there was a cloth swan. I accidentally broke its head off, and Adam accidentally threw it into the Christmas tree sitting in the corner of the café area. Then he accidentally put the decapitated body of the swan under the tree as if it were a present. And absolutely no one noticed. Not one person. I continued to eat my pancakes and Adam casually sipped coffee while gnawing on countless strips of bacon.

The waitress had brought a huge cup of butter squares to the table for Adam’s toast, but I refused her offer of syrup and extra butter for my pancakes. Food is best when naked. I bet Adam that he wouldn’t be able to finish all the butter. Although he put up a valiant effort, in the end the butter had him whipped. I told him about the time I was in the hospital, and I accidentally wiped the butter that was supposed to be on my bread onto a napkin in my lap. Not only was I forced to eat a completely new mini-tub full of butter, but I was publicly humiliated in front of all the other patients for not holding to my meal plan. Now whenever I see butter left untouched on the table, I feel the urge to hide it, even when it’s not mine. Strange? Definitely. But so were the circumstances in which I was conditioned.

While drinking a sip of water, it went down the wrong pipe. This caused me to choke and splutter the following phrase without thought:

”My epiglottis is broken!”

Guess that’s what happens when you’ve got an anatomy test to take and pigeons to dissect.

I made it back to school in time for sixth hour. We played several new pieces of music, including Mayflower Overture and an incredibly cheesy march called “The Bond of Friendship.” I was gagging throughout the entire rehearsal.

Next was seminar. I transferred to Mrs. Propst’s room and worked on one of my many unfinished art projects I must have done by next year. Sat by Pannha, listened to some Crystal Method, and then it was time to get to the assembly. I saw my brother on the way to the bathroom, and graciously offered him a ride home. He refused at first, but then I brought up the fact that Sheena, his girlfriend, gets mad if he gets a ride home from anyone other than me. He reluctantly conceded.

The assembly involved the typical lecture from Mr. P., warning us to stay away from alcohol over break, and not to make any bad decisions. And then two of the most prominent figures of our Student Senate took over. Both had been busted on campus for possession of illegal substances earlier this year, and yet they proceeded to tell us to behave during vacation, and not to go to any parties where “stuff” would be available. Right.

Went straight home after we were dismissed and went to bed until just recently. Had a chicken pot pie from D&W for dinner, and I consumed the entire thing. I impressed even my dad, who couldn’t finish his.

I spent about half an hour out in the garage, spray painting my art sculpture. I chose royal blue and aluminum, which looks pretty cool so far. The cold eventually chased me back inside, where I spent ages trying to wash the spray paint from my hands with the goo kept under the sink for such purposes.

As I lounge here feeling the chicken and carrots digest in my stomach, I can only sit back and wait for Aaron to get home from Ann Arbor. Maybe I’ll take another nap.