The Tech, founded in 1881, is MIT's oldest and largest newspaper. It was the first newspaper (student or otherwise) to establish a web presence, and now publishes both online and in print every Tuesday and Friday during term, once a month in summer, and every day during R/O (Rush, or Orientation, depending on what era of MIT admin-speak you understand).

The Tech is notorious for poorly-written articles, un-informed and spotty reviews of artistic and sporting endeavors, flame-ridden, liberal editorials, and biased reporters and editors whose opinions bleed through even into straight news stories. They are, however, also recognised for amusing and entertaining comics,including Dilbert and Foxtrot as well as home grown talent like Down With Science. The Tech Calendar is a useful reference for avoiding a boring evening, and the Daily Confusion is an irreplaceable resource for freshman during FSILG and dormitory Rush

The Tech is also one of the wealthiest student groups at MIT, with an endowment in the millions of dollars. This money, along with what they collect from advertisers, desperate to catch the attention of MIT's best and brightest, means that Tech staffers are treated to weekly dinners in the office, as well as monthly or quarterly dinners at expensive and fancy Boston-area restaurants, like Brasserie Joe and The Elephant Walk.