A vehicle which dispenses food. There are two basic types of food trucks:
  1. Convenience trucks. These serve prepared food and snack foods - a lot like a Store24 on wheels. These trucks tend to move around frequently - spending 15 minutes at a given construction site or school before moving to the next. (I remember eating lunch at Pinecrest from one of these - I thought it was the coolest thing when I was 14).
  2. Fast food trucks. These trucks serve boxed meals, anything from Chinese food to gyros to pizza. These trucks tend to have established sites, usually near college campuses or office complexes.

Advice on the food trucks near MIT east and Technology Square: Avoid the yellow truck in front of Tech Square. The silver truck at Tech Square and the Gooseberry's truck at MIT are both managed by Poppa & Goose, a fairly decent local Chinese restaurant. They are fast, even though their lines are the longest.

Moishe's Chicken serves excellent gyros. Ask for them spicy - it isn't on the menu, but worth it. The pizza truck is scary. The orange truck (formerly Jimy Mac's barbecue) is now a Japanese lunch box place - decent food, but small portions.

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