The night is devoid of the cacophony of day
replaced by a symphony of bugsound
crickets and other crawling, flying citizens of the night
declaring their readiness to fulfill their biological imperatives.

Fireflies mount the evening breeze
signalling wanton need with phosphorescent intensity
That same breeze as gentle as a teenage first kiss
calling forth memories, memories.

The porch swing creaks as we slowly rock
Companionable silence occasionally interrupted
by comments of no real importance
a simple punctuation to the closeness.

Summer rolls along, not in any particular rush
Fall feels centuries away, but is so close in all reality
Watermelon, children's laughter, warm garden tomatoes, deepening tans
amulets against the future, ineffectual as all such trinkets must finally be.

Sentences begin with "Remember when..."
Scenes play out in our mind's eye, as fresh as yesterday
Senses absorb the warmth, the ambiance, the familiarity
laid up against that time of cold.