1. I have duplicated content from The Everything People Registry : Northern Ireland. This is not a political statement, it is purely for convenience. If you strongly object to being listed here, please let me know.
  2. I am keenly aware that the Irish expatriate feels a strong connection to his or her home place. If you no longer reside in Ireland but wish to be included in absentia, this may be accommodated.
  3. As you will note from the geographical breakdown below, only a fraction of Ireland's counties are represented, and Dublin City is particularly noder-heavy. This situation is entirely unsustainable, and can only result in noder gridlock in Dublin, and the decay of noding communities in the regions. We require a national spatial strategy to address this intolerable situation, and the forced relocation of noders to rural areas cannot be ruled out.

Geographically by County

Antrim / Aontroim

Cork / Corcaigh

Clare / An Chláir

Dublin / Áth Cliath

Down / An Dún

Kildare / Cill Dara

Kilkenny / Cill Ceannaigh

Sligo / Sligeach

Tipperary / Tiobraid Árann

Waterford / Port Lairge

Wicklow / Cill Mhantáin

Alphabetically by username

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