I once slept under a mobile telecom eireinn call-card unit in Limerick city. Its a funny thing, the mobile callcard unit. Almost long enough to give good shelter to a person lying under it, but not quite long enough.

Rushed back from Scotland for a climbing competition, seeing old friends, hanging out in the Gym of the university of Limerick, in the pub. Ahh, the pub that's what started it. A few drinks and getting to know you again, and then to a night club. Some bad dancing and worse music, back to the house we were staying in, and what's that?, a party, and its only four in the morning, and I'm only half cut so sure.

Into the streets to find a party with not even an address to help me, sleeping bag under one arm, carrymat under the other. Wandering, asking is this the party? and then I'm not even sure where I am any more. Need sleep, need rest, starts to rain and with no directions about me there is the mobile telecom eireinn callcard unit, graaaand.

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