Bits is a charming expression for the tiny well...bits of batter that happen when any food is battered and deep fried. The best bits I've encountered are at Long John Silver's Seafood Restaurant. I have on occasion asked for more of these 'crunchies' to be added to my order. They also happen when you batter veggies such as yellow squash, zuchinni, okra, etc. I'm sure the Food Nazis will soon have their way with removing such tasty things from our grasping fat little paws. Anything that tastes that good can't possibly be good for you.

I'm an American Southerner and as such have no cultural fear of hot oil or fat. I believe it probably causes a person's joints to operate more smoothly. After all, any hinge swings easier with a little grease added.

I'm not totally without regard for health. I'll put the food I've deep fried in a nest of paper towels to remove the excess oil.

I'm also not scared of gravy. Gravy is also created by using 'bits', the small flavorful particles left after frying almost any meat. Those bits lend themselves to the creation of pan gravy. Everything brings its own particular essense to the marriage of flour, oil, milk, and seasonings to create that hot smooth delicacy. I've been known to make gravy for my dogs. When asked why my reply is a smile and say "I make it for them because I can." Gravy can be enjoyed on toast, biscuits, ladled over potatoes, served over the meat previously fried, or if totally desperate can be eaten on saltines. Yes, I have enjoyed gravy on saltines. Yes, I am circumferentially challenged. I might die due to my dietary indiscretions, but at least the cause of death won't be starvation.