I think the first fragment was connected to the other, but not consecutively. Whatever.

I was driving around in some mountianous terrain. There was something on the radio about the weather patterns changing, and the consequences to the population of Earth. The views of the mountians were amazing.

This is one of the most detailed dreams I've ever had.

I was all dressed up to go to "Orientation Night" at the college I was going to be attending. This was being held in some building, and I had the the address on a scrap of paper. While walking around some buildings, trying to find the address on the slip of paper, some guy with a skateboard tried to accuse me of attempting to break into his apartment. I got the feeling that I knew this guy from somewhere (possibly another dream?). When I asked him if he could help me find where I needed to go, he kept bitching about being late for a meeting, white rabbit style. He thumbed me in a direction, and I started walking.

The direction the skater gave me put me on the right sreet, but at the wrong end. The road I was walking on forked into two others. They had names but I don't remember what they were. The three streets all came together inside of some sort of grocery store/market thing. As I was turning around to go the way I was supposed to, a fat guy pushed me into a rack of stuff and demanded my money. He didn't say money and used some other nonsense word, but I understood. I "strongly suggested" for him to fuck off, but he didn't understand. I yelled at him some more, and he finally got the hint, and started chasing me around the market. He chased me through the meat/frozen food isle and we were throwing things at each other. I remember he threw some bottles and I threw at least one frozen turkey, breaking one of the glass freezer case doors.

An older lady in a kisok started yelling at us to stop. For some reason she knew my last name, but kept calling me "Jan" (J=Y like in the Germanic languages) and I don't remember his name, but it sounded Scandinavian. After yelling at us for a while, we stopped runnning around, and she demanded an explaination. I kept thinking that I should bolt before the cops came because of all the stuff we trashed, but I didin't. My only reply to her demand for an explaination was "We had an altercation", and he replied "Yes, we had an altercation". She pulled out a scrap of paper with some sort of official looking statement, which we both signed without reading or questioning. This is the point where my alarm went off.

All of the above took place over about an hour, but it seemed a lot longer, especially the second one.

heh, better late than never