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Born May 1982 in eastern Iowa, moved to central Minnesota in 1993. Attended Naval Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina from November 2000 to December 2001, and trained at the S8G reactor prototype near Saratoga Springs, New York from December 2001 to July 2002. Currently living in Port Orchard, Washington. I am attatched to the USS Michigan, as a member of Engineering Department, Reactor Controls Division.
Here are some (fragmented) fragments of dreams that I can remember.
  • these are from sometime before the summer of 1993:
    • I was playing with my dad at Thomas park (my favorite park at the time. I think I was ~5 years old)and going over the bridge over Indian Creek. For some reason, he decided that he needed to go investigate the (dry) creek bed. He told me to stay on the bridge, but I wanted to follow. I stayed for a while, but got anxious, and I really wanted to follow. I looked over the edge of the bridge, and could see dad walking down the stream bed, and into what I knew to be quicksand. Somehow I lost my balance, and ended up hanging off of the 'edge' of the bridge by the tips of my fingers. Then I started screaming and woke up hanging off the side of my bed. I was still dreaming though, because I remember hanging through the floor.
      I think this happened when my dad switched work schedules from day shift to night shift, so I didn't see him at all when school was in.
    • Riding down the hill in front of my house, and otherwise generally having fun on a bmx style bike that had some plastic on it to make it look like a dirt bike (as in motorcycle). probably brought on by looking at ads for that particular bike
    • I lived in a HUGE mansion with multiple pools, and the only way to get from one part to another was to use the water slides.
  • This is from sometime around September of 2003.
    • The first thing I remember in this dream is that I was looking through a books on World War II, and there was a picture of some weird looking rocket powered airplanes. The wings were made out of twisted and bent metal tubing in a delta configuration, and there was an open cockpit. These rocket planes used 'Tetraphenol' as fuel (I guess my brain couldn't remember 'hypergolic' and just made something up).

      Next thing I remember is that I am in a bunker in WW2, but at this point, my vision is being controlled by something else, like a remote control camera.