She calmly and patently re-stated that I was being foolish and that if I really wanted sex I should have done the sensible thing and confessed to Anna, whereby within a matter of hours every eligible (and, knowing Anna, many uneligible) hungry woman would be aware of my status, have weighed it over and by that night beyond a doubt four or five would have contacted me expressing interest in some hot and sweaty.

I fumbled and stammered, becoming inarticulate in appraising the scope of the new possibilities of this plan and became incapable of finding the words to tell her no, but I don't want it like that.

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  • edebroux's yard sale, in a castle. She was very excited to show me the huge red vacuum cleaner, and acted as if it was supposed to have special significance for us. I pretended to remember it. "Oh yeah, that's great!" - hoping she wouldn't call me on it. Dimes all over the ground - I started to pick them up, they changed into purple dominoes, Florida's new currency. Beautiful, rich purple marble. Clicked cool in the hand.

  • we had to go into the ocean to save the pelican even though there were sharks. The edge of perception blurred at the edge of the water and we could not tell how far to go.

  • diving contest at David Letterman's house, but he turned into CowboyNeal and the whole thing was a big joke anyway.

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