The liquid engineers left the pool
heater on too long, and at night chlorine vapors
rose above the plant life on my planet and I
imagined my flesh,
being inside the pool, being warm and protected, feeling
gravity, but able to mock it as I floated. Would
you float with me now, if I asked you, would you jump into the
pool and not even bother to strip? Could I strip you
down, remove your clothing and we would fall inside the water together?

It scares me.

I don't want to lose you. I can't imagine ever feeling this
strongly about anything or anybody ever again.

This was my unexpected, my
soul's connection to you.

You stole my loneliness.
No one knows that I was wishing for you, a thief, to enter my
house of autonomy, that I had locked my doors but my
Windows were open, hoping, but not believing, you
would enter.

- appreciated from "Microserfs", by Douglas Coupland