g / d

  • Jumping on a trampoline, I am nervous it may break. I don't jump with all my force. I have no gravity anyway.

    The university administration ladies are coming up the sidewalk. We fling ourselves flat on the trampoline as if they can't see us. They seem not to, they keep talking about things we're not supposed to know. They walk in a straight line. When the sidewalk turns, they keep going straight, they walk up the side of the trampoline and up onto its surface. The rules of physics don't apply. They walk right over Josh. He holds his belly rigid and does not breathe and they don't even notice him.

    In the dorm bathroom he draws blue-ink dots up the wall and onto the ceiling. I glare at him but he glares back and says nothing. He sulks. Secretly I like him a lot and why shouldn't he decorate the bathroom, it's boring. Bizz doesn't say anything but I can tell she's pissed.

    Josh climbs the wall and crouches in the high window like a monkey. I keep talking to Bizz but turn so I can watch him. He levers off a portion of the roof; the room is suddenly washed with pale light. It's raining lightly, I shut my eyes and feel it on my face. I halfheartedly try to tell him to put the roof back on, but he knows I don't mean it.

    Later. Josh, I see you have velcro pants as well. May I?