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  • watching a head be sawed in half

  • On the phone with Pete, he said something about his new house. I was surprised - he hadn't mentioned it to me before this. Where is it? "Wisconsin." I was upset that he was leaving and more upset that he didn't think it was any big deal.

  • I was Frasier and very sick. They hooked me up to a machine that swung me in a varying path through patterns of radiation beams in the air. It was peaceful, until it wasn't. Something was wrong, something was turned up too high and it was swinging me more and more erratically. My back felt odd. That beautiful woman screamed for a nurse but nobody came. She broke the current with her own body and stopped my swinging and unbuckled me and helped me down. I was exhausted and the small of my back felt on fire. I leaned on her to walk. There was a label on the machine that warned of electrocution when it was turned past a certain level, and the dials were all set at maximum. I was horrified, but I still had the sense to kiss her.
  • Setting up a damn party for the damn kids. I knew it was going to be a pain in the ass when we had about 8 different types of drinks. More variety means each kid has to stand there for four minutes making up its mind. Most of it was "hot cherry Dr. Pepper." Leira ran through the door holding balloons and shrieked. I yelled at her but she didn't care and kept running.

    Margie showed up and asked if I'd picked out a movie. I said yes, I had the perfect thing planned. I didn't tell her it starred Tom Skerrit and Tom Bodett and John-Boy from the Waltons. The kids would hate it and I was glad.

    Later, in the gym, I was in charge of the music. I amused myself by playing 15 seconds of a song, until the kids were all dancing, then switching to a different song .

  • Watching a guy pushing a hand truck towering with books and videos through an airport. I wondered how he was planning to take them with him, and then there he was on the plane, with the stuff piled on the seat next to him, trying to steady them so they wouldn't fall all over. Constantly asking the people across the aisle to hand him things that had fallen off the pile. A flight attendant was pissed at him. The man showed the flight attendant a rifle and said someone had snuck it into his bag without his knowledge, and would the flight attendant please take it away? The flight attendand didn't believe him and started questioning him about gun registration and safety and it was getting pretty boring so I left.