Billie Paul Piper was born in Swindon, UK, on the 22nd of September 1982. She has a brother, Charlie and two sisters, Harley and Ellie. Despite having a boy's name she shot to fame at the tender age of sixteen with her 1998 hit "Because We Want To" just before Britney Spears made it big in the UK. In many people's opinions, she neither sings nor dances as well as Britney, indeed she looks rather uncomfortable when dancing as if she can't quite let go of her British reserve. Also her music is, in general, not as funky or catchy as Britney's and she has a huge mouth which renders her rather unattractive. It looks like someone is holding a magnifying glass in front of it all the time. Bizarrely she recently married annoying ginger TV presenter Chris Evans who must be old enough to be her dad. Nothing has been heard from either of them since that fateful day.

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