Natalie Jane Imbruglia

Actress, singer/song-writer.
Born: February 4th 1975, Sydney, Australia

Natalie Imbruglia was initially brought to fame (in the UK at least) with her appearance as Beth Brennan in Aussie soap Neighbours in 1991. Like so many others from Neighbours, after a few years on the show she left and went on to launch a succesful pop career.

Her first album, Left of the Middle, was released in 1997 and was co-written with producer and former Cure bassist Phil Thornally, singer/songwriter Mark Goldenberg and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. Along with the follow-up singles Big Mistake and Wishing I Was There, the angst-ridden but upbeat first single Torn's relentless radio airplay sealed the album's success. Firmly cementing itself in the pop-rock scene, the album rode high on the wave of Britpop prevalent in the UK charts at the time. Comparisons with Alanis Morisette were inevitable, but (possibly thanks to Natalie's distinctive looks and energy) Left of the Middle still had a character of its own.

Natalie also co-wrote Cold Air with the Sneaker Pimps, and performs Identify on the soundtrack to the movie Stigmata. The follow-up album to Left of the Middle is 2002's White Lilies Island.

The subject of several anti/hate sites on the web, reasons to hate Natalie apparently include:

  • Trying to pass off the (US and UK number one) song Torn as her own (or at least neglecting to mention it was a cover of an Ednaswap song),
  • Singlehandedly ruining the soundtrack to the movie Stigmata (on which she collaborated with Billy Corgan).
  • Being Australian/ugly/beautiful/short/bouncy (yes, no, yes, yes, yes, respectively).
  • Dancing around in circles too much.

It seems some people are too easily disgusted. All this isn't enough to put off Australian post-grunge rocker Daniel Johns of Silverchair however - the pair announced their engagement at the beginning of 2003.

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