Perhaps you don't actually care about the subjunctive. That's OK, and even fairly likely. Move along then, there's nothing here to see. If, however, it just drives you insane to hear someone crooning about what would happen "if God was one of us", then here's a node submitted for your approval. I've started cataloguing all those songs which willfully abuse the subjunctive. Here they are, for all you militant grammarians. This is one of those nodes I've been waiting a long time to create (and now that I've found E2, I have purged this knowledge from my tortured mind). It will grow as my recollection of previous offenders freshens up a bit. For now, here are the whiniest, most prominent subjunctive mood abusing songs I can think of (in the english language, of course):

And the grandmommy of them all, the only song with guaranteed proof that the author is deliberately and willfully abusing the subjunctive:

  • Loudon Wainwright III: I Wish I Was A Lesbian : Okay, so I'm riding around in this car with this woman I drive to work with a couple times a week. And I'm noticing she's looking out the window and checking out other women. How their hair looks, what a nice outfit, how round their ass is, and I said "Hey, babe! What's the deal? You're noticing all these other chicks! Maybe... you're a lesbian". She looks at me and says "I wish I was a lesbian". Now at that point I wanted to say "You mean you wish you were a lesbian, 'cause grammatically..." But I let it slide, I didn't want to ruffle any feathers... But you know, that sentence, that retort, "I wish I was a lesbian", huh, it kinda got stuck in my mind, kinda gestated there for 7 or 8 minutes, and this tune popped out!

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