The Skyline GT-R is also a highline car model from Nissan, available only in Japan. While the US now has the Maxima as the fastest car Nissan puts out (the 300ZX being discontinued), Japan has the Skyline, which is nothing short of a powerhouse on four wheels.

Skyline Stats (R34)

Dimensions (borrowed from
                 GT-R          GT-R Vspec 
Weight           3388 lbs      3432 lbs 
Length           181.1 in      181.1 in 
Width            70.3 in       70.3 in 
Height           53.5 in       53.5 in 
Wheelbase        104.9 in      104.9 in 
Turning Radius   5.6 m         5.6 m 
Fuel Capacity    18.0 gallons  18.0 gallons 

Engine Stats:
Engine:          Turbocharged 2.6L 6-cylinder in-line DOHC at 2568cc of displacement

Power: 276bhp at 6800 RPM (redline: 8000 RPM)
Torque: 271lb-ft
Top Speed: 180 km/hr (112 mph), Governor limited
0-60 mph: 4.6s
Quarter Mile: 14.0s at 104 mph