Japanese tuner Tommykaira's R, Rs and Rz are, bar none, the most powerful cars available in the Japanese domestic market, blowing Japan's voluntary 276 horsepower limit to smithereens.

What starts out as an already impressive Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 is extensively race-modified, given a racing-spec intercooler, larger ceramic twin turbos, a twin plate clutch, a racing suspension and shock absorbers, a bright red paint job (and Tommykaira's logo in foot-high letters on the sides, and unique Tommykaira badges replacing that of the GT-R) and a lightweight go-over. The result is the Tommykaira R. The R still retains the beefy Nissan RB26DETT DOHC twin turbo engine, however, yet the output over the stock Skylines is truly staggering.

Compare to the 276 horsepower GT-R (which can be bought for around ¥5380000, or $45000 in Japan): the base Tommykaira R (¥6780000 -- $56666 USD) boasts 370 hp, the Rs (¥7980000 - $66695 USD) 425, and the Rz (presumably, still in development, or not directly on sale to the public) a whopping 530 hp @ 7800 rpm. ... Holy moly.

The ultimate rice rocket.

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