This is my root log. I add to it when I get the time. Think of it as a development journal for stuff that goes on here. 4/365: Created a new node type for the ability for e2nodes to have pictures in them. This is still a highly experimental feature that really really needs to be looked into more. This was a proof of concept, and will need to be investigated further. It might possibly be better to extend the nodetype for the e2node, but for now we have a beta nodetype;

9/365: Re-created: The Content Rescue Team : Datacenter to try and figure out what to do with the amazingly high traffic list. 12/365: Per bones's request, added an aesthetic VARS addition in user settings to allow users to put an hr in between the topic and the chatterbox. 16/365: Per suggestion of donfreenut, I've added an option to user settings that allows you to choose javascript boosted textarea edit box instead of normal message "input type=text" box. This should help people write those longer messages we all love. I haven't really tested it much, but it seems to work on IE and Opera. If it dies on NS, please let me know, or it horks the message process. Keep in mind you get a javascript warning, since it is a soft limit, but whatever. It works. Also, fixed the performance issues related to the lastnoded link on users homenodes. The cache now remains clean, regardless of deletion or what not. This will iron itself out over the next day (or a few hours at the rate that the cache cleaning script is running). After that, it should be lag free. Thanks to dizzy for the initial feature idea. There was a huge DUH where i had left major performance hit code in a common htmlcode, so after today, we should see a large performance increase across the board, but especially on homenodes.

17/365: Changed user settings to reflect the non-beta nature of the last noded link on homenodes. Thanks to abiessu for the tip

Okay, hold the phone. It was at about this point where I got really lazy on my root log. My apologies. I worked on the following things (I promise to be better about keeping up with this sort of thing). ..Okay, catching up in februrary