I woke up at 5:30 to go follow my friend and his wife down to Miami. They weren't sure if their vehicle could make it, and it was for a very important meeting. I drove back via the scenic route since I haven't been that far down there before (and I couldn't find my way back to the interstate).

I got back home at around 8:30am, so I took a nap for 2 hours and then went to Japanese class. I did well on my hiragana quiz. Most of the rest of the class was more introduction stuff. We have our first vocabulary quiz on monday.

Another slack day at work. Well mostly. I started debugging, but I only got as far as getting the compiler to finally build an executable. I didn't actually check it, and I ignored a few warnings that I probably should have dealt with.

I was just about to leave work, when TC called me to tell me AS had just gotten in an accident on his motorcycle and that he was alright but he needed a way to get his bike home. She wanted to know if my brother could bring his truck by and pick it up since it was damaged.

We got there and the Florida Highway Patrol was still there and they were towing away the bike. We looked around for his keys and cell phone which got lost when he was hit. He got smashed into by a big SUV which didn't even stop or wasn't even aware that s/he hit someone. All of this happened on the interstate at 65 miles per hour; he could have been killed easily. He had a lot of scrapes and bruises, but seems ok. I guess he was more concerned about his motorcycle being damaged than himself.

He wound up getting his bike towed away for $120 plus mileage, even though we could have taken it. I guess it was too late since the tow truck had already arrived. I just called TC up and checked that he's still ok, and asked if he needed a ride into work, which TC said he probably would on friday; but probably won't be in tomorrow.

After I got home I got some food and finally burned the CD for Sara that I've been talking about for the past two weeks. I just labled the CD as "Thank You." and put my name below and to the right. I probably should go get it wrapped; I don't know if I'd be better off with attaching a note or just leaving it to be as it is.

Oh well, I didn't go to the gym tonight, so I have some extra time... I think I might go read e2 some more and maybe try out some old games with my new computer.