I spent most of the day today cleaning up my apartment. I wasn't too happy with it's state of messyness when Sara make a suprise visit last weekend. Also my brother will be moving in soon, so I had to make some room for his stuff.

I have realized why I was really not into christmas this year. Christmas stands in the way between me and Sara. She is gone for two weeks for the holiday season, and I've got nothing to do by myself. Part of the problem is that since we are still very early in the relationship phase: one prearranged date and several informal get-togethers with friends. I feel like it would be too stalker-like of me to actually go up there and visit her or to call her for no particular reason.

I originally thought that I was completely powerless to do anything to build up our relationship in the meantime, but my dad suggested that I give her a call on monday to wish her a merry christmas. That sounds perfect; it makes for a good reason to call her, and it shows that I'm thinking of her. I feel much better now. I take back what I said yesterday, you can stop downvoting that daylog now :)


Spent most of the night on #everything. Good conversation. But I must sleep now so I can get up tomorrow and do christmas shopping. Good night.