8:31 PM

I have a date to the christmas party! My friend TC set me up with someone who I met last tuesday at the pool hall. For my daylogs I will refer to her as Sara. She's quite cute and kind of shy, but very pretty.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before this, I had no idea what I was going to do today. I woke up around 2pm and was wandering around e2 and doing other net stuff, when I decided around 4 that I needed to get off of the comptuer and go decide what I'm going to do. I laid down on the couch for a while to think about it, and I was about to fall asleep when TC called me to ask if I had anyone going with me to the christmas party. I said no, so she asked if I was interested in bringing Sara, and I said sure... I might have sounded too enthusiastic :)

The whole group (me, TC, DZ, CR, Sara, and two of CR's friends) got together for a little while over at a friend's house for about an hour then went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. TC introduced me to the various types of alcoholic beverages and I shared her drink which was sort of like a milkshake with all kinds of evil sweetness mixed in. I didn't taste any alcohol, which is good because I don't like the taste. I'll have to order myself one of these next time.

I couldn't mention the christmas party because one person in the group wasn't supposed to know about it, so it made it difficult for me to talk to Sara about it. I wasn't even sure if she was aware of the arrangement or not. I did manage to accidently mention the party when I made a comment about how TC is going to have to get dressed up for the event. D'oh! I've got a big mouth.

I'm kind of excited. I'll get Sara's phone number and/or give her mine on tuesday so we can decide what's going on. It's going to be nice to not go by myself for once, especially with a pretty, intelligent lady. I would be happy to get together with her for other things (movies, etc); I'll look for some clues if she seems interested in me or not.

Even if not, I seem to be getting a good group of friends, so my social life is starting to look a little more positive.

I'm so happy :)

I think I'll watch Army of Darkness again. I need to buy this movie. It's good stuff.

12:05 AM

Things to do tomorrow (or soon):

  • haircut
  • go to work
  • gym
  • grocery store
  • clean apartment

Must get to sleep soon if I'm going to get anything done tomorrow.