my weekend
       busier than the weekdays before
                 preparation for a big presentation!

researched moderist design
modernism is a very b r o a d category
spanning over 60 years  
in the accelerated era 
of the 20th century
including movements such as futurism and art deco
so much material
narrow it d

to something the client will like.

This client is quite tech-savvy, and I admire her. It's so easy to explain things to her. This makes explanations and discussions more focused on design rather than implementation. She is the kind of knowledgable person that doesn't second-guess my opinions.

The project centers around Thomas MacGreevy, Irish poet, literary and art critic. He is by definition and association a modernist. He is closely associated with T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Wallace Stevens, to name a few. I signed on to the project partly because of my personal interest in the subject matter.

Oh, but it is also the challenge of the work, to please the client.

Edited/proofread some old writeups of mine, made minor corrections, mostly typos.
Added a writeup to Teach Yourself "Hello, World!" in 24 Languages, which barely borders on being a GTKYN, but the exercises proved too irrestible to pass up.