Recently, Canadian researchers have been focusing on findings of a natural resistance to AIDS and HIV among prostitutes who work in Kenya. In the relatively short and painful history of AIDS, this natural immunity to HIV/AIDS displayed by promiscuous gay men and these Nairobi women has been ignored and overlooked.

These women have been prostitutes in Kenya for periods of ten to twenty years. The AIDS statistics show that 1 in 5 Africans are infected, and 1 in 3 of these women's clientele are most likely carrying the AIDS virus. How are these women serving multiple men per day and still remaining free of the virus? Scientists think it's got something to do with their T-cell count, and when their bodies are first attacked with the virus, the T-cell count rises to a level where it can efficiently attack the HIV and knock it out of the body's system. Since the women are repeatedly exposed to the virus on a constant basis by sleeping with infected men, their T-cell count remains at such a high level that they basically become immune to HIV, and consequently, AIDS.

Such a discovery has amazing potential in the fieldwork of AIDS research. However, controversies will not be settled easily, as there are multiple strains of AIDS and most research has been focused on finding a cure, or now possibly a vaccine, for the one found most commonly within the United States. If we find a vaccine for the U.S. strain, one may not come so quickly for Africa's strain. However, if research is focused on finding help for Africa, you can bet your bottom dollar that research funding for the U.S. is sure to quickly follow. It's sad to say, but the decision now is mostly in the hands of the governments, and the pharmeceutical companies who control the funding for such research.