This morning I recovered from all of the studying and BS of yesterday. I called Ei to go out for coffee. I woke him up for the third time this month. He says whenever someone calls insanely early it is either his parents in Japan because of the time difference, or me (I don't have a reason). He really doesn't seem to mind though. There was an awkward spot: right when it seemed like my Japanese was flowing, he started to make fun of it! See, I have this problem mixing words. Sometimes I will just stick in an English word when I can't think of the correct Japanese translation. He knows what I am talking about... but... I really should do better. Sloppy. I have to keep my standards up on these things.

I was running around with my JET application stuff. So many hoops to jump through. blahblahblah. I start getting into this detailed state of mind where everything looks wrong... will they reject me because of this little ink spot on the photocopy??? Duh. Of course not, and if they do, I don't want to be in their stupid anal retentive program. These thoughts are useless and must be destroyed unless I want to become Woody Allen. One of the school administrators rushed some paper work through extra-quick because her Mum had the same last name as me. Then, I knew the guy at the photo-copy room and he offered to do all my copies free. I am becoming quite the privileged bastard.

After class I had a group meeting. They were really panicky and hyper about things. I didn't let it bother me... Cracked a couple of jokes, made fun of the Prof, got the meeting on track. All in all, things are going well. It's not getting to me. Maybe it is because, barring a drive-by-Nuke, as of this node I am an Acolyte!!!