A common Microsoft interview question (known for the brainteasers) is this (it's on the Internet all over the place, so I'm not giving away anything):

You are in a situation where you have three light switches, each corresponding to a lightbulb in another room. You need to figure out a way to figure out which lightswitch corresponds to each lightbulb, without guessing. You only get to go in the other room once, and you start in the room with the switches.

The correct solution is to "think outside the box". Turn one on until it is warm, then shut that off, and turn another one on, and immediately enter the room. The warm one is the frst switch, the on one is the second one, the third one is the lightbulb that is off and cold.

Coming back from my time at MS, I was loaded with these questions (it's a neat little hobby over there), so I ask my brother this one. He thinks for a minute, and then get's it. "Jam a screwdriver in one, turn on one, walk in the room. The one with the lightbulb blown or the one that's exploded is the first switch..." etc. The rest he got dead on.

I guess that's thinking a little more violently "outside the box" than people were looking for. If only people had more creative impulses than destructive ones....