Through various experiences, I have come to conclude that perhaps electronic devices do respond to violence. In fact, one could maybe go so far as to say that they respond in much the same way human beings do. When a human is exposed to violence as chastisement for some kind of less than satisfactory act, the response can usually go one of two ways:

On one end of the spectrum, the human gets his act together and never "misbehaves" again; OR the human becomes more belligerent than ever.

Through my experiences I have come to conclude that perhaps machines respond in much the same way. My inspiration for this node happened only a few minutes ago and a friend suggested I should write about it. My computer wouldn't let me on the internet. I tried everything I knew how to do to make it work again short of calling tech support. Finally, in frustration, I hit the machine as hard as I possibly could, and, on a whim, tried to reconnect to the internet. Viola! my computer decided to connect to the internet. This caused me to think about past experiments with violence on electronics. I can consciously recall numerous occasions where I have taken out my anger on a mechanical object and it has magically begun to work again. Then, of course, there are those not so lucky occasions. I can also think of many times when I have rendered an electronic object useless in my throws of fury. Now you see the connection between the way a machine and a human reacts to violence may actually be very similar.

perhaps man isn't quite so separated from machines as he would like to think.............

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