Sure it does, but not for your walls, floors, or tile... A friend of mine did it, and lived to tell the tale.

Doug was in the Army, cleaning up after KP duty or some such janitorial nonsense. He was washing up different items and added ammonia to a substance that already contained substantial bleach. After feeling fine for a good half hour, not realizing what he had done, he started to feel woozy, and eventually fainted with a loud thud. Thankfully, people in the other room came in to see what had happened to him.

He wakes up in the hospital later that night. The doctor comes in and greets him, and asks him how's he's feeling. Short of a small headache Doug says he's doing fairly well. The next question took him off quite off-guard:

"You're quite lucky. You smoke, don't you?"

Doug looked at him a little funny. "Lucky? Yeah, I smoke a few a day..."

"It saved your life." The doctor responded. "The years of smoking covered your lungs with a normally life-threatening tar substance, which you probably already knew. However, you have been given a second chance... your lungs are as pink as the day you were born. No permanent damage."

Doug and the Army doctor were astounded. The gases formed from the cleaners had burned off the tar and crap in Doug's lungs, leaving them unscathed and actually healthier than before. The one ironically healthy use of smoking, maybe. So bleach and ammonia do make a Super Cleaner, but only for your lungs... and please for all that is good and holy in this world, do NOT try this at home.

Even though he got his second chance, Doug still smokes Marbs to this day.